Shuang Ao

AI transformation of pictures in children’s stories to haptic interaction

Shuang Ao is currently a Ph.D. student studying at KMi, The Open University. She received a master’s degree in linguistics from the National University of Singapore. Afterward, she worked as a linguistic specialist for three years in Singapore to design curricula based on linguistic theories to distinguish Singlish, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin features. In her spare time, she participated in extra-curricular programmes on machine learning and computational linguistics, and also joined Oxford Machine Learning Summer School to extend her knowledge in AI. She then joined as a data science intern in a healthcare company in London for one year to develop medical conversational system with medical experts. Her research interest lies in deep learning, multi-modality of image, text, audio and haptic processing, as well as explainability and interpretability of AI.

Shuang has a diverse experience in work and research, from theoretical linguistics to computer science. She is passionate about pursuing research innovation that can be translated to practice and brings social goods.

Melete Foundation

We founded Melete in 2019 because our life experience told us that motivated and inspiring people are absolutely the basis of positive change in the world. Our vision is to seek out such people and help them create the credibility that will enable the realisation of their talents.

We are looking for people with ideas that they can put into practice to create self-sustaining social good, to nurture ideas that have the potential to benefit those who are disadvantaged in any way and give an opportunity for exceptional people to have the extra financial freedom that a scholarship provides to create a space to realise their talents.

Our aim is to seed innovative approaches which have the potential to take root and blossom into self-sustaining enterprises. We also want to encourage the networking of amongst an innovative community dedicated to social good such that each member gains insights from fellow collaborators ad together have the potential of being far more than the sum of their parts.

John and Kitty Chisholm